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Welcome to the Contemporary Arts Center. Please enjoy this audio tour during your visit, listening to each track at its designated location.

The tour follows a natural route through the museum. Please note that track 11 should be played while using the restroom, and tracks 12 and 13 should be played while riding the elevator both up and down.

Audio Tour is designed to be played on headphones. Extra headphones are available at the front desk.

The Contemporary Arts Center offers free WiFi under the name "Contemporary Arts Center"

Track 1: Introduction

Please listen to this track before entering the exhibitions, remaining in the lobby. When you are prompted to look outside, watch the city’s movement.


Note: It may take a few moments for tracks to load.

Track 2: The Lobby


Continue to remain in the lobby.  For the beginning of this track stand by the lockers to face the back wall.  This spot can be found down the short hallway to the right of the elevator that is beside the gift shop.  Return to the front of the lobby to face the entrance when prompted.

Track 3: The Stairs / The Golden Ratio

Climb the stairs while listening to this track. Try to Sync each step with the golden ratio number sequence. If you are unable to take the stairs, please listen to the track while taking the elevator to the second floor.


Track 4: The Security Guard

Listen to this on the second floor. You are not alone.

Track 5: The Founding

Listen to this when you arrive on the fourth floor. 

Note: While the second and fourth floor appear to be directly connected, architect Zaha Hadid created a relatively

inconspicuous third floor in between them, which is closed to the public.​

Track 6: 4,215 Things

Listen to this track before ascending to the fifth floor.

Track 7: “Junebug”

When you reach the fifth floor, please go to the nearest concrete column. Locate the south side of this column which faces the back wall (slightly left of the entrance to the hallway that leads to this floor’s restrooms). Looking at the surface of the south side, about 4.5 feet from the ground and slightly right of center, you’ll find a small piece of graffiti. When you locate the graffiti, play this track. 

Track 8: Meditation on the name Zaha

Architect Zaha Hadid worked on this building from 1997–2003. She passed away March 31, 2016. Go to the second room, down a slight ramp, on the fifth floor.   Find the cement column in the middle of the room.  Place your hand on the column and look out over the balcony to see the black staircase and the Urban Carpet as you listen to this track. 

Track 9: 65 Degrees

Continue to the back of the second room on the fifth floor. You’ll find another slight ramp leading to the Contemplation Room and back elevator. To the left of the elevator there’s a bench in a corner. Examine this corner while listening to this track.


Track 10: “Hello”

At the top of the flight of stairs, traveling from the fifth floor to the sixth floor, look down over the balcony just to the right of the stairs and play this track. Listen to the people who work in this building and imagine the different tasks they are performing at this moment.


Track 11: Skylight

To listen to this track stay at the top of the stairs on the sixth floor. Sit on a bench or stand and look up to the glass ceiling.

Track 12: Look Out 

On the sixth floor in the UnMuseum, go to the corner made of two windows looking out over Cincinnati. Here you are at the convergence of Walnut and Sixth Streets. Even though you cannot see the streets directly below, you can still see down their corridors: Walnut visible from the window to your right, Sixth from the left.

Track 13: Drinking Fountain

Look for the drinking fountain on the sixth floor. It is down a small hallway by Andrea Zittel’s A-Z Art Lab. Drink from the fountain while listening to this track.

Track 14: In This Earth

Go to the basement to listen to this track.

Track 15: Bathroom Track

Play this track while using the bathroom. While washing your hands wait for further instructions.

Track 16: Elevator Up

Play this track while taking the elevator up.

Track 17: Elevator Down

Play this track while taking the elevator down.

Track 18: Thank You

Play this track when you are finished with the audio tour.

Thank you for visiting the Contemporary Arts Center. Please enjoy your time here today.

AUDIO TOUR is by Britni Bicknaver

Edited by Leo DeLuca

Audio mixed by Brian Niesz​

Charging station made by Ryan Wells




Peggy Frank played by Sso-Rha Kang​

Rita Rentschler played by Lauren Post​

Betty Pollak played by Kelly Cave

Elia Zenghelis played by Leo DeLuca




2017 Cincinnati, Ohio

Matt Distel, Mark Harris, Steven Matijcio and Jenny


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